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About Me

I love this cabin with my whole heart. I've spent 6 years fixing it up, painting, putting in gardens, a new kitchen, enclosing the top deck, adding all my little artsy-craftsy-crazy touches....  Point being, the time has come to have "guests" enjoy my "retreat" and to fall in love with the Smokey Mountains as much as I have (that is if you're able to bring yourself to leave the back decks and go exploring). 

Who Am I? Why Am I Here?


I am a winter resident of beautiful Sanibel Island, Florida and part time spring, summer and fall resident of Murphy, North Carolina. I love both areas equally but my sons live in Florida so that's where my heart is. I seem to have a knack for putting together just the right vacation cabin with just the right renters and so for years I have assisted home owners in Murphy who prefer to keep their cabins private and out of the typical Real Estate Rental programs. All these home are well kept, unique and priced right and the owners handle their guests with individual care (hence the name: Cabins In Murphy By Owners). So now I've decided to occasionally rent my own place and to enjoy a few home exchanges a year with like minded people. This cabin is my home, which means it's not only charming but has everything you'll need. It's adorable, the views and back proch are amazing and I just love being there. You will too. 

More About Me If You're Interested.


I also design websites (the reason this website has so many elements and pictures on it is because I use this an an example site of what's possible) and I am the author of the Cancer Patient's Workbook. My first book was a print edition published in 2001 and sold really well. The new edition is a digital book selling in iTunes and is struggling to find its intended audience. I have my fingers in so many pies that I'm not focused on the book like I should be, but I'll get my mo-jo back. I just needed a break from writing. My mom used to say "there's always tomorrow" so I keep that in mind.

I'd say that I enjoy life more than life itself but that makes no sense. Point is, I'd give anything to be in two places at once. I love my family, my dog, my friends, painting, anything artsy craftsy, the beaches, the mountains, travel, beading, and learning computer programs. I want to do it all and I want to do it all right now! Unfortunately, I'm the one that put the 'wanna' in wannabe, so I have a bucket list a mile long. Like she said; "there's always tomorrow"...

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