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Rules For 'Retreat'

Even I have rules... Can you beleive it? If you knew me you would find that hard to believe, I assure you. But when it comes to the cabin I just want it to be perfect for you and for me. Hence the limit on the number of guests and the no pet policy.  

Thanks in advance for your understanding!    

Pet Policy

I love pets! Love, love, love them! However, I'm going with a no-pet policy at my home. When I thought about what I would be most comfortable with, I tried to take everything into consideration. The "no pet" rule is easy to explain; I have light colored carpet, including my screened in porch, and as much as I love animals, I think it's for the best for me to keep the cabin "pet free". BUT the Sanctuary does take pets, it's on the same mountain and even has doggie door downstairs and a small back yard that has a fence. Problem solved!



Limited Number of Guests

I have specifically set up our cabin to accomadate just 2 people at a time. Why, you ask? Well for one thing, our cabin is not a large one, it only has one full bath (and a half bath on the main floor) and when there are more than just a couple staying at the Retreat it feels very crowded (I know, because when my two sons come to visit my husband and I, we are cramped). That's why the limit on occupancy. BUT the Sanctuary does take 4 people, it's on the same mountain and even has 2 king size beds. Again, problem solved! 


I really appreciate your understanding! (BTW, this picture was taken from the master bedroom window).


All I Ask

Is that you have a wonderful time, enjoy the cabin and mountain view as much as we do and that you respect our things and leave our cabin as you found it. 


OH, and one more thing...that you come back to see us next time your longing for a little cool mountain air.


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