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Blue Ridge Oil Company

Getting a two-for-one experience.

My favorite place in all of Murphy to eat is the Downtown Bakery! They have the BEST pizza around and I just love it there. The building is old brick, and SO MURPHY. I've gotten to know all the folks that work there and their really great. My personal favorite pizza is the feta chesse, spinich and tomato but the meat pizza is to die for....more on the Downtown Bakery in another post.

One of the best things about the Downtown Bakery is the oil and vinergar shop right next door....OH MY GOSH! I put in my pizza order and then go over to the Blue Ridge Oil Company and spend ALL my's an awesome place and their products are terrific....take it from me. They have taste testing there, my choices than anyone needs and their vinegars and oils are really quailty. If you are looking for a gift, I highly suggest this place. If your looking to up your game in the cooking department than look no farther.

Downtown Murphy 104 Tennessee Street Phone 828-516-9474

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