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Birdsong Bead & Design

If you are a beader, OR would like to become a beader, OR want to buy some beautiful & inexpensive jewlery, then you simply must spend some time at the Birdsong Bead & Design Store.

The Shop is out on 19/129 about two miles from the Flea Market (1930 Blairsville Highway). The shop is a Red Building on the right hand side of the road heading towards Blairsville. Their phone number is (828) 516-2268 and the facebook page is BIRDSONG BEADS

I love to bead. It's a calming, relaxing thing to do at the end of the day. I met Kevin and Beth when they had a shop in Andrews and I got hooked in large part because they were so nice and helpful and willing to teach me.

I recently needed to make 7 anklets for a wedding and went shopping for beads and findings in Florida (where our second home is located). Well! let me tell you. Everywhere I went the prices on beads were about DOUBLE what Birdsong Beads charges and the findings I found were either junk or very high end. I've learned my lesson and while I was in Murphy last week I bought a ton of new beads and supplies. I can't wait to start up again.

Thank you so much Kevin for keeping your prices low, for being so willing to teach anyone, and for the friendly atmosphere! You're the BEST!

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